IT Network Management

We offer comprehensive outsourced management of corporate IT, taking full responsibility for the operation of networks, servers and client stations. For newly built networks and servers, the service is a natural part of our client service. For existing networks, we audit the current condition, identify gaps and suggest the best solution that subsequently, after consultation with the client, is implemented.

Contractual reaction time for solving a problem is 2 hours. We provide access to our online help desk for our clients so they can monitor the current stage of the problem solution.

The advantages of our solution:

Advantages of our solutions

  • Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Hourly rate or a lump sum payment
  • Quick response time, as fast as 2 hours
  • Free initial audit
  • Remote management for immediate solution
  • Regular on-site equipment checks
  • Monitoring of IT systems, sending alarm SMS
  • Best solution to the problem by professionals

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