Web services settings

The following services may be used to access your hosting accounts

FTP access:

Any FTP client may be used (e.g. FAR manager, CuteFTP, etc.) both in active and passive mode. Use the following parameters for access: :

Server name : ftp.securenet.cz
Username : <vaše your username> 
Password :  

For clients where entering name and password is not supported, these data may be entered: username:password@ftp.securenet.cz

SSH (SCP) access:

The main advantage compared to FTP is data transfer security. All traffic between the client and server is encrypted.

The ssh client for Unix systems may be found directly in the given distribution, or may be downloaded at www.openssh.org.Winscp can be used for MS Windows platform.


Directory structure

These folders are created in the home directory by default:

~/html Directory where html files are stored
~/cgi Directory where your own CGI scripts are saved.
CGI scripts’ rights must be set to 550 (r-x,r-x,---), both the owner and the group have to be set to the owner ~/ directories, for example. John/John
~/log Directory where logs from http server are saved.
(not accessible via web
~/counter Directory where data for graphical interpretation of log files are generated.
(not accessible via web

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