Web hosting

The most traditional and easiest way to become part of the Internet environment is web hosting. We can fully customized the web hosting to your needs so that we can solve everything that is not possible on the current hosting. Do you need a special module into PHP or non-standard setting of the web server? No problem!

Apache web server 
  • PHP 7.xx
  • PostgreSQL 8.4
  • MySQL/mariaDB 10.x
  • Own CGI scripts in both complex and interpreted form
  • Acces to logos, statistics
  • SSH acces to console
  • Option to use Perl, Python language
  • Data back-up to our back-up server
Mail server
  • Unlimited number of mailboxes
  • Mailbox access by using IMAP4/ssl,  POP3/ssl
  • Mailbox access via web interface
  • Possibility to send messages via our SMTP server
  • Virus detection of the messages
  • High-quality spam filter, detection of phishing
  • Data back-up to our back-up server

Advantages of our solutions

  • Linux solution customized to client requirements
  • Webhosting or virtual server
  • Management of DNS servers, DNSSEC
  • Online replication to back-up servers for greater safety of your presentations
  • ... and many other functions that we can run on request

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